Global pet transportation services

We take pet travel seriously, and we know how important they are for you. With a worldwide network of transport experts, we offer comprehensive ground transportation for your dog or cat in thousands of cities worldwide. Transportation can be stressful and scary for your pet, with ELife you’ll get a reliable ride anywhere for your special family members.

Available pet transportation services


Service animals transportation

Regular mobility apps or transportation companies charge an extra when a service animal travel with our passengers. Not with ELife. Any transportation service available has no charges for service animals upon request.


Pet Airport transportation

Since any regular mobility apps offer on-demand wheelchair Don’t have the time to take your pet to and from the airport? Our drivers can help you with it. We offer door to airport and airport to door rides for pets provided by trained drivers who will take all the proper safety measures to provide your pets a safe and comfortable ride.

We will pick up your pet in a secure vehicle and provide them with a comfortable and safe ride to the airport.


Local pet transportation

With our door-to-door pet taxi service, you can rest easy knowing your pet will be taken care of. Our experienced specialists will be with your pet throughout the entire journey from pick-up to drop-off. We utilize a pet-friendly vehicle to transport your pet to their destination.


Intercity pet transportation

We will pick up your pet at your address and safely transport them to their destination outside the city. Along the way, we make sure your pet has ample food and water to ensure they’re happy and healthy the whole way. We always take the utmost caution to ensure your pet is safe throughout the entire journey.

We always put our clients first and strive to offer top-tier service to pet owners and their friends. If you have a pet that needs special transport, we have you covered.