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Special Event Transportation

With Elife you have all your ground transportation needs covered for any type of event. The special event transportation service has a fleet that will adapt to your needs. Book with us and we will make your plans come true, either if it’s a wedding, a sports event, a religious group or a movie crew.

Transportation for weddings

Have transport logistics with us, ask about our transfer services for the bride and groom, family and guests and avoid setbacks between the different routes.

Transportation for sporting events

Are you traveling with a large group to any sporting event? We'll take you; we have SUVs and charter buses that will make the excitement start from before the game.

Transportation of religious groups

Our platform allows you to book the vehicle of your choice for a trip to any religious meeting, landmark, retreat, or pilgrimage around the world.

Transportation for film crews

We help you with transportation logistics for your film crew, if your location is out of town or your crew is large, don't worry about transfers. Book with us and keep your production on time.

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