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Bus Rent

If you need to rent a bus for any kind of event or trip, we have an option that fit your needs. We offer global coverage in bus rental for private transport, with a single rate and specialized drivers that ensure a trip without delays. Book your bus for travel in advance and enjoy your ride!

Bus to the airport

We have service available in more than 1500 airports around the world. Book with us for transport for up to 55 passengers. Book our transport services in advance.

Party bus

Available upon request, this is the perfect bus to celebrate birthdays, bachelorette parties or corporate events. Select your location, let us know what you need, and we will find your perfect fit.

Charter bus

This is the perfect rental bus for long trips. This service has trained drivers with years of experience in road trips, we assure you that your trip will be comfortable and safe.

School bus

The most famous yellow bus in the world, you can book it for short trips or large group trips in the city, a fun way to get around. Also available for school trips or field trips.

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