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Wheelchair Transportation

Our service offers an easy and accessible form of wheelchair transportation service for users who need assistance in their transportation. Book in advance and get the complete and helpful transportation you need. We have vehicles that can fit the user with its wheelchair with no need to transfer to the seat.

Transportation for medical and laboratory appointments

Book in advance, at least 24 hours before your appointment and one of our drivers will be on time to take you to your destination. You can book as often as you need. Also available for wheelchair transport service.

Transportation to the airport

Book a ride with one of our qualified drivers along with a wheelchair accessible car.

Local trips

Get a reliable, pleasant, and on-time ride to and from anywhere in thousands of cities around the world through a wide variety of wheelchair accessible vehicles.

Interstate transportation for clients in wheelchairs

Upon request, we offer you different types of vehicles for accessible transport in wheelchairs, we offer a service that fits your needs with a driver prepared to assist you.

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