Medical transportation services

Healthcare has become a major concern during the last year, as well as the way we travel to our medical appointments, checkups or any other medical issue, especially for those people who may require special assistance before and during the ride. Taking care of every aspect of a trip for a non-emergency medical issue can be stressing, but it does not have to be that way.

Don’t ever skip a routine appointment again and prevent your minor medical issues from becoming huge and expensive problems. Relying your non-emergency medical transportation NEMT needs on ELife gives you access to a worldwide network of transportation experts.


Fair rates

Get an instant quote with an all-inclusive rate, with no extra fees for complementary requirements such as door-to-door, hand-to-hand or room-to-room service, mobility devices or service animals' transportation. Every single ride offers a courtesy 15-minute waiting time that you can use as you please, whether you need your driver to arrive earlier or if special assistance is required for the passenger.


A safe ride

Each one of our vehicles is properly sanitized before and after each of our rides, in compliance with international COVID measures. Our drivers always wear mask and upon request some extra measures can be fulfilled for passengers who need them. Let your driver or ur Help Center know if you have any specific inquiries regarding our health safety processes.


A fleet ready to help you

Wide variety of vehicle options that can adapt to our passenger's needs providing local and long-distance rides. Our transportation services are available 24/7 as well as our Help Center. Our representatives can help you with any changes or updates on your booked service, so if there’s any changes on your schedule you can rest assure that your driver will be there for you at the time you need it.


Medical & Lab appointment rides

No need to get in front of the wheel for medical appointments. Book in advance or at least 24 hours prior to your appointment and a caring, highly skilled driver will be waiting at your door. Relax since he will take care of driving you to your appointment safe and sound.

Your driver will let you focus on the patient transportation, while he drives you safely to your destination.


Senior Transportation

Aware of the special needs senior patients can have before and during their medical commute, we offer a service tailored for them, with a driver prepared to always assist them and a accessible vehicle that will allow them to enjoy their ride to the clinic or hospital selected.

Older adults' needs may vary, and ELife’s drivers will be there to fulfill them.


Medical pickups

Driving after any kind of or outpatient surgery is not safe for you, and proper follow-up of your medical condition after an ambulatory surgery could be necessary. Book your medical transport service and rest while our qualified staff takes you back home. Our driver will ask your doctor for any specific things that may occur during the ride and will let him know in case of any severe change in your condition.

Once we get you home, your driver will provide any assistance you need to get inside your house.