US states to visit with most vaccinated people.

As of early May, around 147 million Americans have been vaccinated, and 97 million are fully covered against COVID-19. If your next travel plan in the US is based on health safety, here are 4 of the US states to visit with most vaccinated people based on data by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control).


Even though is the third smallest, the Atlantic northeast state is the fourth most densely populated in the country. About 87.29 of its over 3.6 million inhabitants have been already vaccinated, so you can say it’s a safe choice to travel to.
You will not believe how fun-packed this small New England state is, with miles of sandy beaches and water activities such as fishing and sailing, a good set of amusement and adventure parks, renowned breweries and distilleries, museums and galleries, spas, farms and orchards… when it comes to have a splendid time, you can be sure Connecticut will not let you down.
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Rhode Island

The whole New England area ranks well above the states with most people vaccinated, and Rhode Island is no exception, with around 83.64% of its 1.06 million population with at least one vaccine shot. The smaller state in the country does not lack in wonder, with around 400 miles of coast bursting with charming towns and villages.
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Over 83% of Hawaii’s 1.45 million inhabitants are protected against COVID-19 and that’s great news for this paradisiac archipelago. Although the state is formed by over 130 islands, most tourists visit Hawaii’s 6 main islands: Kauai, Oahu, Molokai, Lanai, Maui, and Hawaii Island, each one with its own vibe and unique features.
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New Mexico

With over 2 million inhabitants, New Mexico is the largest state in the country with over 80% of its population vaccinated (83.43% for accuracy) and that should be a perfect excuse to visit this wonderful southwestern state.
A place full of breathtaking sceneries, native heritage, natural wonders, and a generous dose of mysticism, the fifth largest state in America has some great surprises waiting for you and your family and friends, especially if you are an outdoor lover. You can avoid getting lost in New Mexico’s immense richness by booking a private car service in New Mexico with us, where you can choose the vehicle that best fits your needs.

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