Become a Partner

Welcome to become a partner with Elifelimo! With us, you can begin to earn money by riding our customers to their destinations in your regions. 

How It Works

Once you signed up for free in our website, you will be informed of our policies and procedures. After that, you can begin to ride our customers and make profits! 

Why Choose Elifelimo As My Partner

Elifelimo, or shorten as "Elifelimo",  prides itself as one of the most trusted luxury transportation provider to "e"asy your "trip" by offering quality limousine and chauffeured transportation services. With headquarter located in Brooklyn, USA and branch located in Hangzhou, China, we serve customers in over 250 cities in more than 50 countries around the world.  We offer full support for our partners and give them full control of their time. 

 Details of Customers: Accept a ride and you will have all necessary details at hand, e.g. passengers details, location, pickup and drop-off times. After the ride is finished, you can review your completed rides in the partner portal.

 Choose Your Preferred Orders: Most Elifelimo rides are booked in advance, so accept the ones that best fit your schedule. You are notified as soon as there is a new offer available in your city. 

 Regular Payments: Accept as many offers as you can handle. There's no minimum or maximum number of rides that you have to accept. You will receive regular payments for your completed rides directly to your PayPal or bank account.

Who Can Become a Partner of Elifelimo

You are welcome to become one of Elifelimo partners in the following two conditions:

 You have the vehicle to rent:  The vehicles that are clean, undamaged and smoke-free. Full compliance with local regulations, including licensing and insurance. Show us the pictures of your vehicles! 

 You're a local driver: The drivers who are polite, licensed and professional with a polished appearance.

Elifelimo works with professional drivers operating high-quality vehicles, offering a solution to complement their current business. Fill out the form below if you're interested in becoming a Elifelimo partner.

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