A NEMT (Non-Emergency medical transportation) platform that grows with you

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It is estimated that around one third of medical appointments and procedures are no-shows due to the patient’s lack of ways to get to their appointments. Non-emergency Medical Transportation has become a critical asset for both patients and medical institutions, in order to prevent further medical complications and increasing costs.
Elife provides a comprehensive, easy-to-use platform that allows to book any medical transportation required in a safe, trustworthy way. We work locally to provide medical centers and patients reliable and affordable transport options according to their needs.

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Web app platform NEMT solutions

A user-friendly platform

A full online system allows patients and medical centers to easily book any NEMT service in just a few clicks. A free-to-use platform means no usage fees, quotas or minimums required. Select the day and hour for the patient to be picked up/dropped off, the vehicle and get an instant quote for the required ride. Any NEMT service can be booked and confirmed in seconds.
Most NEMT solutions require of apps, meaning training, updates and all the costs related to them. You can start working booking with Elife right away, with friendly user interface that anyone can use.

fares for health centers nemt program


By creating reliable local networks of experienced drivers, our model allows us to offer flat fares up to 30% lower than the average NEMT solution /rideshare /ride hailing services. By enrolling in our NEMT program, health centers can get an additional discount up to 10%.
We are aware health costs can be high, that is why we designed a solution that meets patients and organization’s needs.

cab service phone number 24 7 nemt solutions


Our services can be booked online, and any changes or cancellations can be done through our 24/7 Contact Center. For non-English speaking customers, drivers and representatives speaking a specific language can be required upon availability.
No matter the time of the day, we’ll be glad to assist you before your ride.

Our services NEMT and WAV

NEMT Transportation Solutions


Our Non-Emergency Medical Transportation services are provided by trained drivers that will take care of the patient and any other passengers during the ride. Considering the patient’s profile (age and physical and mental disabilities) our drivers will take the proper measures to ensure a safe journey.

Wheelchair transportation service

Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

Patients using wheelchair may require a special vehicle that can facilitate their mobility. Depending on the area of service, different rear and lateral access vehicles can be booked according to the patients’ preferences.

Any of our services can be done in any level required by both the patient and/or his doctor: