• Business is always handled through its accuracy, the right decisions at the right time and elegance.  Handling business meetings or tours on the ground also requires the accurate type of transportation service at the right time. Corporate transportation services by Etripcity make the business trip comfortable and hassle-free. So, whether it a business meeting, business events, conferences, conventions or trade shows, the corporate transportation services for Etripcity should always be your first priority. We provide our corporate clients with the best vehicles and best chauffeurs.

  • Our services are provided to our clients in a wide variety of vehicles. In our corporate transportation service, we provide the latest model, lavishly fully equipped, automatic cars, buses and shuttles. The cars range from Limousine,  4-door Sedans,  Mercedes Benz and Luxury Sedans.  All the cars have leather seating, automatic gears, LC D, car mini cooler and privacy tinted windows.

  • Our drivers are well trained, well-mannered and well dressed, having complete traffic and routes knowledge and management skills. For your convenience, you can also book cars online to save your time and get to your meeting point on time. Our drivers will reach the told destination on time and will safely, smoothly and comfortably take you to your desired venue. All our cars have the latest navigation systems and route finder virtual assistants which make it easier to reach the desired venue without any confusion or tension. We also provide shuttles and busses in case there is a business group meeting or a business tour.

  • Our customer service helplines and ticketing portals remain open and functional 24/7 and 365 days annually. So, next time, if you have a business meeting to attend or to go on a corporate group tour etc. , we are just a call away to give you all the importance and comfort you and your clients deserve.