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Ground Transportation Solutions for Hotels

Thousands of tourists a year are arriving at your hotel. It is time to prepare to receive them in the best way

The transfer is one of the most overwhelming issues, many times they are expensive, and uncomfortable and the drivers do not treat guests or tourists very well. Fortunately, at Elife we have trained bilingual drivers to give the best care and treatment to all of them. We have different means of transportation in which we can transfer up to 55 people in one of our buses to your hotel.

Now you have the solution, we offer a pickup vehicle from any address or airport to the doors of your hotel.

  • Hotel and events transportation

    No matter the occasion, Elife is present at weddings, parties, graduations, conferences, excursions, honeymoons and many more events. We have means of transportation for different capacities, from cars for 5 people to buses for 55 people.  Know Our Fleet

    Our affordable prices and our excellent service will leave your guests satisfied. In addition, they will be delighted with this service from the hotel.

  • The best for your guests

    And so that guests are completely comfortable, our transports have a Child Seat for the smallest members of the family, they are pet friendly to take your pets and finally, if they hurt a leg from dancing, we have transport for wheelchairs.

    You will no longer have to worry about the comfort of guests. Elife will give you quality service and the best attention to make your stay pleasant

  • We got your back!

    Do not hesitate to contact us, schedule with us and leave your guests happy.