A red Christmas sphere with glitter hanging from a tree

Best places to spend the
Christmas holidays!

Christmas is the most beautiful time of the year. During this celebration, all families get together to cook Christmas dinner and open gifts to spend time together as a family. This year families have spent a lot of time at home and that's why a Christmas trip is the best thing to do.
Christmas trips are great for the whole family. They can enjoy unique attractions or events that are celebrated on Christmas Eve and Christmas day. That's why ELife cares about giving you the best places to celebrate Christmas this year and we've put together one list that you can't miss. Remember, if you're traveling, book your airport transfer with ELife in over 150 countries.
If you've ever been to any of the places we're going to mention, don't worry. When you visit these places again at Christmas, it's guaranteed you will feel like it’s the first time. At the end of each year, these cities show their best events and traditions, where you will experience Christmas time like no other place!

How different cultures celebrate Christmas?

It's well known that many cultures don't celebrate Christmas or instead, they celebrate other holidays. That is why the following is a list of reasons why December 25th is a special date celebrated all over the world.
Muslims don't celebrate Christmas. What they commemorate is the Day of Ashura, during this time, they fast and in this way, they thank God for helping liberate the people of Israel from the Egyptian army. This celebration does not always coincide with Christmas dates, but in 2007 and 2011 it did.
For Buddhists, Christmas is celebrated because they also honor Christ as if he was a saint, since it’s believed that indeed was, bringing a doctrine of peace to the world. If you remember any other holiday, it can Hanukkah for sure.
Let’s discover the best places to spend Christmas holiday! And remember, that with ELife, you can have access to the best transportation fare all over the world. Also, all of our chauffeurs talk the local language and also English! Don’t lose the opportunity to book a ride with a professional company of transportation!

A plaza in Bratislava at night

Bratislava: a real-life Christmas tale

Bratislava -Slovakia’s capital city- is a historic place, as its beautiful scenery resembles a Christmas fairy tale. Its labyrinth of cobblestone streets and small plazas with a castle peeking over the top of a hill invites us to get to know and get lost in the city.
This place has many cafes and in one of them, you can taste everything from delicious hot chocolate made with cocoa, to delicious Christmas cakes. Christmas lights are not to be missed and the snow makes it the ideal place for children and adults.
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Beautiful city of Salzburg at the dawn

Salzburg: House of the krampus

Austria is a country well known for being its cultural heritage. In the city of Salzburg, you can see the traditional roads full of lights and delight yourself with the “diabolical” figures of Krampus and Perchten that go around giving little whips of luck.
During Christmas, you can also go to concerts and literature readings. The little ones can enjoy listening to the city's traditional fairy tales or Christmas stories. Did you know that the famous Christmas carol 'Silent Night' was written in Salzburg?
Don’t miss anything of this incredible city and book in advance your airport transfer. Remember, in Salzburg you will live a very different Christmas holiday if you enjoy local legends!

Quebec illuminated in a cold night

Sweet Christmas in Quebec, Canada

Quebec is a perfect destination to enjoy a truly white and unique Christmas. Here the snow covers the streets of the city with a very thin layer, as the city celebrates Christmas by singing carols both in French and English. The best part? The hospitality of the people that you can experience anywhere in the city!
Here you can also find Christmas markets, these offer handcrafts and the best culinary delicacies of Canada. From wines to ciders, cheeses and seafood, a Christmas here is unforgettable for families and couples!
Plus, spending Christmas in Canada is a very sweet holiday. Did you know that barley candies are a must? These are malt-based candies in Christmas shapes and the unmissable cinnamon and chocolate-flavored chicken bones. Don't miss the opportunity to visit Quebec this Christmas!