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Celebrate International Mountain Day
visiting these mountains!

We know around the world there are travelers of all kinds and not everyone is looking for attractions. Sustainable travelers are who choose a different tourism. Thanks to them, the world is a better place and the growing type of tourism, has increase the care of mountain areas.
International Mountain Day is celebrated on the 11th of December. We know how difficult is to keep our planet clean and that's why this day people do sustainable practices and supports the development of mountain areas.
This International Mountain Day we have a surprise for you. We know exploring is one of the main reasons for our passengers to travel, so we will give you a list of mountains you can explore to celebrate this day. Remember ELife offers car transfer service anywhere in the world!

Why celebrate the International Mountain Day?

A beautiful forest with a big lake in the middle and beautiful pine trees

Green tourism in the mountains helps to create additional and alternative options for the living of the local population, in addition to promoting the alleviation of poverty and social inclusion, as well as the conservation of the landscape and biodiversity.
In this way, we promote protect the natural, cultural and spiritual heritage of mountain villages. Especially in South American areas. It helps to promote local crafts and high-value products, and to celebrate many traditional practices, such as local festivals.
Mountain tourism attracts between 15% and 20% of world tourism. This means there are many travelers looking for mountains as well as green places. However, ELife it’s a transport company around the world offering special and unique advantages when you book your car transfer service!

The not so well-known mountains of the world

There are many mountains repeated in too many lists or blogs. That's why we've taken on the task of finding the ones you might find most impressive. Don't worry about anything and this International Mountain Day book your ride from anywhere with the car transfer service.

Two guys hiking the Khuiten Mount with snow and equipment

Mount Khuiten, Mongolia

Mongolia is a beautiful country full of wonders to see. It' s very difficult for travelers here not to be amazed by the endless green areas and the friendliness of the Kazakh nomads. Did you know the best thing about this place is the undulating landscapes of the Altai Mountains?
If you are one of those travelers who enjoy challenges and beautiful scenery at sunset or sunrise, you can't miss a hike up Mount Khuiten. Here you can enjoy both and the best thing is that you will learn a very interesting fact that is why it is a great place to explore on International Mountain Day.
The mountain meets the corners of Russia, China and Mongolia, so you can enjoy an incomparable view of three different countries. Remember that to reach this point you have to cross a large part of desert terrain: vast, golden and infertile. But it’s worth it to see one of the last virgin regions of the planet.for all the Dreidel League fans out there!

Gangkhar Puensum mountain with the peak cover in snow in a sunny day

Gangkhar Puensum Mountain, Himalayas

With a height of 7,570 meters, this mountain is the most impressive of all the virgin peaks in the world. Did you know that Gangkhar Puensum Mountain is the 40th largest in the world? In this place you can meet nature in front of you at any time.
Situated in Bhutan and considered as the happiest country in the world, here you can have a great time in the company of locals and tourists you meet along the way. Did you know that the meaning of this mountain is White Peak of the three spiritual brothers?
Actually, this place was attempted to be climbed many times and many expeditions were made, but in 1994 to protect the place, it is not allowed to climb beyond 6,000 meters. Besides, this avoids problems with China and India. You can explore this peak in the International Mountain Day!

An active volcano cover in snow in a gray day

Citlaltepetl e Iztaccíhuatl, Mexico

In the heart of Mexico, exactly 800 miles south of the U.S. border, are two of the largest volcanoes in the country, Citlaltepetl and Iztaccíhuatl, the third and seventh highest volcanoes. Did you know that they are among the most visited green destinations in Mexico
In fact, these volcanoes are inactive until now. Although in Mexico you should know that there are active volcanoes, if you want more information to know more places this International Mountain Day click here and do not miss all that this country has to show you.
Hiking these two volcanoes is one of the most attractive and fun activities for athletes and tourists. Besides, the view from this place is incredible, so if you are planning to visit Mexico, don't doubt to book your car transfer service with the best starting fare of 20 USD.

Which of these destinations will you choose to visit in the future? Don't miss the opportunity to get to know the few virgin mountain peaks left in the world and be one of the few to venture out and explore them.
If you decide to travel this International Mountain Day, have fun getting to know these places! Book your car transfer service with ELife!

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