Menorah candles illuminated against a nocturnal scene

Hanukkah 2021:
destinations and celebrations

As the final days of November come to an end, a very beautiful tradition is celebrated all over the world and that is Hanukkah. This tradition is one of the most important in Orthodox and observant Judaism and the Hanukkah 2021 celebrations will be better than last year!
Hebrew for "a dedication", Hanukkah is a celebration that lasts 8 days. It is celebrated every year starting on the 25th of Kislev. In this case, the third month of the Hebrew calendar, which in the Gregorian calendar is the end of November and the beginning of December. Did you know that Hanukkah 2020 was historic because it was celebrated with Thanksgiving for the first time in 125 years? And because we know you want to be with your family, ELife offers airport transfer service. With us you have unique advantages which no other company provides.

What is celebrated in Hanukkah?

This religious holiday commemorates the rededication during the second century B.C. of the Second Temple in Jerusalem, where according to legend the Jews revolted against the Greek Syrian oppressors during the Maccabean Revolt.

What are the Hanukkah activities?

Mother and son lighting the Menorah at home

During Hanukkah, the candles of a special nine-armed candelabrum called Menorah are lighted progressively. A new candle is lighted every night until completing 8. In most cases, families celebrate with gifts, prayers and food.
On the so-called Hanukkah, not only candles are lighted, many families exchange gifts with each other. Especially the children, because every night others give them chocolate coins or some money. The children are the main protagonists of the celebration during Hanukkah!
A very popular game during the celebration the dreidel. A type of spinning top that has 4 letters of the Hebrew alphabet inscribed on it forming the acronym "a great miracle happened there". If you are looking for traditional Hanukkah food, you should try Latkes (fried potato and onion cakes).

When is Hanukkah this 2021?

Hanukkah will begin on Sunday, November 28 this year and will end on Monday, December 6. The precise date of Hanukkah is determined by the Hebrew lunar calendar, so each year is different.
Did you know that because of its traditions and location on the calendar Hanukkah is often called the Jewish Christmas? That's why in this blog ELife will give you a list of the best places to visit and celebrate this Hanukkah.
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Best places to celebrate Hanukkah this 2021

Hanukkah food is not the only thing you should try if you're looking for an authentic Jewish experience. That's why we suggest you 3 places where you can enjoy the celebrations. Happy Hanukkah!

The world's largest Menorah in golden color and on a background with buildings at nightfall

World's Menorahs and Major League Dreidel in New York

New York City is one of the cities with the largest Jewish populations. In fact, around 20% of the Jews in the United States live in New York City, representing about 15% of the city's population. That's why it hosts a lot of Hanukkah celebrations, including the fired up of not one, but two of the largest menorahs in the world in the cities of New York and Brooklyn.
At this incredible place you can gather around the 30-foot-tall, 6,000-pound steel menorah in Manhattan, or the other one with similar size in Brooklyn, to kick off the Jewish Festival of Lights in style.
Playing the antique game of dreidel is serious business in New York during the Major League Dreidel competition. Here you can have great showdowns with locals and visitors. And don't miss the opportunity to taste gourmet latkes at the Latke Festival, organized by the Brooklyn Museum. Here you can also enjoy drinks and food, ideal for all the Dreidel League fans out there!

City of Jerusalem at the Dome of Rock illuminated by the public electric wire fence

Jerusalem in Israel, the best place to celebrate Hanukkah

Israel is probably one of the most obvious places to celebrate Hanukkah, since it's something every Jewish family should do at least once in a lifetime. Enjoy the Festival of Lights like nowhere else, as Jerusalem is illuminated during the 8 nights of Hanukkah.
During the annual Chanukah Torch Relay, people pass along a flame from the town of Modi'in, where the Maccabees (the Hanukkah heroes) lived, to the sacred Wailing Wall in Jerusalem's old downtown. Take a walking tour of Jerusalem to see how families exhibit their menorahs in windows or in special glass boxes along the cobblestone streets.
In Israel, children get a break from school during Hanukkah, so you'll find plenty of family-oriented events throughout Jerusalem. There is also a big Hanukkah party with live music in Tel Aviv at Independence Park. Celebrate this Hanukkah 2021 in Israel and ride with ELife on the airport transfer.

St. Peter's Basilica by day with clear skies in the city of Rome

The Old Jewish Quarter in Rome, Italy

Home to a vibrant Jewish community for thousands of years, Rome's modern Jewish neighborhood looks better than ever during the Feast of Lights. Rome is perfect for spending this holiday and enjoy the vibe of an authentic Jewish district.
Rome has a unique style of celebrating the tradition of eating fried food in oil during Hanukkah. Don't miss the local specialty of fried artichokes, called Carciofi alla Giudia. Don't doubt to make your own gastronomic tour of Rome's Jewish quarter.
Try the Italian version of sufganiyot, called Fritelle de Chanuka, which consists of a dough mixed with raisins and aniseed, fried in oil and covered with hot honey. A truly delicious Jewish dessert!
ELife can take you to Piazza Barberini to watch the menorah lighting from Leonardo da Vinci Airport for only 71 USD. Celebrate Hanukkah this 2021 with your beloved ones and join the locals partying in the streets with lots of food, dancing and wine!
See you next time, travelers!