Thanksgiving meal with pumpkins, autumn tones and cooked stuffed turkey

Thanksgiving meal
and where to spend the day!

Thanksgiving meal is one of the most important things November. While it seems that Christmas has arrived, the last holiday that needs to be celebrated is Thanksgiving, perhaps the most important holiday in the United States and Canada.
If you don't know what Thanksgiving is all about, today ELife will tell you everything you need to know about this tradition and where to spend it. Learn with us the history of Thanksgiving and more interesting details.
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Thanksgiving Day history

The history of Thanksgiving is celebrated to honor a significant moment of the United States history. This holiday was born when the first pilgrims arrived at the American continent on the Mayflower ship. The crew had managed to survive the freezing winter without any significant help.
According to the history of Thanksgiving, the Plymouth Colony did not have enough food to feed its entire population, but the Wampanoag tribe taught them how to plant seeds to the pilgrims and how to fish. So, in 1621 they offered a special dinner to the Native Americans as a symbol of thanks for teaching them different farming and hunting techniques with which they survived.
On the other side, the Canadian Thanksgiving celebrates the arrival of the English explorer Martin Frobisher to Newfoundland in 1578. Did you know that this was more than 40 years before the meeting of the Native Americans and the pilgrims according to the American legend?
The first Canadian Thanksgiving was celebrated in 1859, after the country's Protestant ministers mandated a holiday to thank God for the abundance of harvests. It later became a celebration of the Canadian identity.

What is Thanksgiving Day?

Thanksgiving meal with mashed potatoes, salt pieces of bread, salad with corn and gravy sauce for the turkey

The legend explaining how the Thanksgiving holidays came about has remained only as part of history. However, these days the tradition is very different and it is celebrated on different dates in Canada and the United States.
Basically, this tradition is celebrated as a day to give thanks for the blessing of the season and for all the good things that have happened in the previous year. The Thanksgiving meal is delicious and there are some meals exclusive of this day!

When is Thanksgiving?

The Thanksgiving celebrations have different dates in Canada and the United States. In 1879 the Canadian parliament was established on November 6. However, in 1908 the railroad companies wanted to take advantage of the holiday as a long weekend to travel and reunite with their families.
And it wasn't until 1957 that an official change was made and the holiday is now celebrated on the second Monday of October. In that case, Canadian Thanksgiving was celebrated on October 11.
While in the United States this event is celebrated every year but on different days. This tradition is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November and this year it is celebrated on the 25th of this month.
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Where to spend Thanksgiving?

Traditionally, Thanksgiving should be celebrated at home. The family spends the day cooking turkey, baking pies and watching American football games. But, a better way to celebrate is traveling for Thanksgiving.

Dromoland castle illuminated with lights and trees outside at dusk

Dromoland Castle in Ireland

Why not giving your Thanksgiving celebrations an Irish twist? This year enjoy your Thanksgiving celebrations by traveling across the Atlantic and visiting the majestic Dromoland Castle in the scenic location of County Clare.
Surrounded by an autumn landscape and the famous Cliffs of Moher, plus 450 acres of land to explore, this place is ideal to traveling for Thanksgiving. For the weekend, the hotel prepares an itinerary that includes Christmas crown making, calligraphy classes, shopping excursions and a traditional family-style feast on Turkey Day.

Sagamore Resort with crystal clear pools, green fields and surrounded by the ocean

The Sagamore Resort, Adirondacks in New York

Sagamore Resort is a great choice to visit for Thanksgiving. This picturesque landmark in the Adirondack’s Lake George was opened more than a century ago and offers guests an 18-hole golf course, hiking activities, tennis and a spa.
So why not having Thanksgiving celebrations here instead of spending all day in the kitchen? At this resort you can participate in one of the many activities available at the hotel. And there's also a well-equipped recreation center to help keep the kids entertained with activities, all before enjoying a Thanksgiving meal that can't be beaten.

Commodore Perry State ranch in Texas with large windows in a white building surrounded by trees and fields

Auberge’s Commodore Perry Estate in Austin, Texas

If you're looking to travel for Thanksgiving and celebrate it like an all-American event, you can do it at the Commodore Perry Estate with luxury. We know how complicated it can be to find the right airport transfer service to get to the resort, that's why we offer a limo rental service.
The Auberge Resort has 54 rooms and 10 acres built around a historic 1920's mansion. On the list of activities and experiences you can find: a 4-course Thanksgiving feast cooked with Texas ingredients, viewing parties for the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and the Friday night football game.
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