Toronto City guide 2021

Toronto City guide:
Exploring Queen City

Welcome to Ontario’s Queen City! The first thing you will notice about Toronto is that is diverse: nearly 50% of residents living in Canada’s largest city were born outside of the country, and there’s no doubt this amazing conglomeration of cultures contributes so much to the city’s character and mood.
Toronto is a city better experienced through its people, that will make you remember every single moment of the world-famous Canadian hospitality and friendliness. As a city of neighborhoods, every area downtown and beyond feels like a microcosm of the city itself. IYou will easily feel that you are traveling the world when you notice you can go from Portugal to Ethiopia to Korea to Venezuela, and all of this without even leaving the suburbs. It’s magical, and it can only be felt in Toronto.
Join us in a quick walkthrough around this vibrant and diverse destination.

Things to do in Toronto - 2021

Main sports in Rogers Centre

Toronto Downtown Safari

Visit Canadian National Tower

Toronto’s skyline can be easily recognized by the iconic CN Tower, one of the tallest observation decks in the world. Inaugurated in 1975, the tower (the CN letters stands for Canadian National) offers a wide array of activities, being the Edgewalk one of the most thrilling experiences not only in the city but in the whole world, allowing you to go for a stroll on the outside of the tower. 360° views, an amazing aquarium and great restaurants complement the touristic spot to convert it in a must visit.
A few blocks away, you will also find the 2 most important sports Meccas in the city: Rogers Centre, home of the MLB’s Toronto Blue Jays and the Scotia Bank Arena, where the NBA’s Raptors play. Both venues are also used for other kinds of events like concerts and festivals and both are a nice stop for your downtown exploration.

Visiting the world in Toronto

Enjoy culinary food in Toronto

As we already stated, you can visit the world without leaving Toronto. Name a country and is most likely you will find a neighborhood with its influence, food and traditions. Hot ramen bowls, delicious European pastries, spicy tacos and cold beverages and spirits from around the world may be found in every street corner. We suggest you go on your own and explore the safe and exciting streets of the city, where you will find tons of things familiar –and not that much-. Toronto is the perfect place to get lost in its streets.

Going to Niagara and the Golden Horseshoe

Niagara Falls is located 80 miles south of Toronto

Niagara is arguably the hottest tourist spot in North America, located 80 miles south of Toronto at the southernmost region of the region called the Golden Horseshoe. The city combines the natural magnificence of the falls with casinos, amusement parks, great dining options and welcoming people. Around the city you will find some charming places as Niagara-On-The-Lake and St.Catharines. You may stop anywhere between Niagara and Toronto to try some of the region’s delicious produce, along with some delicious ice wine.
If you have some spare time to explore the region, take the chance to do a bike tour and visit some of the local wineries. If you get tired, you can always book a ride with Elife, and take everything you need with you, bikes included!

Hip Toronto neighborhoods

Queen West the trendiest neighborhood

Since Queen West was listed as one of the trendiest neighborhoods to live in the world a few years ago, Toronto has been experiencing a vanguardist wave that can be felt in its streets. Take the streetcar along Dundas West, to the everchanging Little Portugal and spend some time in Trinity Bellwoods a peaceful yet buzzing park.
Explore Ossington Avenue – west of Trinity Bellwoods Park- to find some of the most exquisite vintage shops in town, and stay there once the sun goes down to go do some bar crawling in its unique set of bars and pubs.
Go back to Queen Street and visit all the independent boutiques and art galleries while you admire the typical Toronto architecture. Keep going and you’ll pass some of the city’s iconic landmarks as Drake Hotel, the Gladstone and eventually Parkdale, the westernmost hip area, a place where you will find people from around the world and some exquisite food.

Toronto nightlife

live and feel the lifestyle and nightlife in Toronto

When we mention Toronto, we immediately think of an electrifying lifestyle, especially when the sun sets beyond the horizon. A city full of life, day in and day out. But the nightlife in Toronto is nothing less than a magnet for the party-animals, jazz lovers and movie-freaks.
With myriads of options to go have diner, drinks or both, Toronto will delight your senses all night long. Don’t forget that since 2019 Toronto has become one of the Cannabis Meccas in North America, so if you’re up to it, you’ll find the right spot to try some local options.

Starting from September 7th, 2021. Foreign visitors complying with travel requirements will be able to visit Canada once again. We invite you to follow health requirements and avoid any public transportation during your visit. For that matter, Elife can help you by providing the easiest and fastest way to book any kind of ride you may need for your upcoming visit to Toronto, from a single sedan ride to a coach bus excursion, we can help you with the arrangements.

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