Best beaches in the US to travel this summer

A guide to the best beaches in the US
to enjoy on vacation

After a year of seclusion, being able to resume your beach vacation plans must be exciting! With so many options to visit, the most important question is "Where to?". Since many are preferring to travel domestically at least for the rest of 2021, we want to narrow down your bucket list and tell you about the best beaches in the US.
Whether you're looking for a quiet beach getaway or a party all-day vacation, you'll get some great tips from this list, so pack your swimsuit and get ready to have the summer you've been expecting!

Things you must consider to choose a beach destination

The best beach in south Florida

Where are the best beaches in the US?

Beautiful sunrise on the beach of Kailua Hawaii


It's no secret that the 50th state has some of the best beaches in the country. This Pacific paradise has 6 major islands, each one with a unique set of things to see and do. Whether you're an outdoor enthusiast, a waters sports fan or you just want a low-key relaxing time, Hawaii will thrill you.

Best beaches in Hawaii:

Clearwater beach one of the best beaches in Florida


The Sunshine State has over 650 miles of beaches, bathed by both the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea. Most of the beachfronts in the state has a well-developed tourism industry where you will find plenty of lodging alternatives. If you think Florida only has alternatives for partygoers, think twice, the state also has several quiet locations where you will spend a magnificent time.

Best beaches in Florida:

The Nubble lighthouse in York Maine


The state's beaches gather all the New England charm you can expect. You'll be surprised to know Maine has more coastline than California, although most of them are covered by granite rocks and pines, making it difficult to access. That's why the small amount of beaches in the state are so appreciated between among locals and tourists who want to spend some days off at the northernmost state in the east coast.

Best beaches in Maine:

California has the best beaches in the US


You cannot think about the Golden State without its 840 miles of beach. Its most iconic destinations are mainly located in the southern region of the state. However, you can also look in the northern region if you want to have a colder but not less amazing experience, where sandy beaches transform into black rocky coasts surrounded by forests. Some people consider that the best beaches in the US are located in California, what do you think?

Best beaches in California:

You will find many other amazing beach destinations in North and South Carolina, Oregon and Massachusetts as well. Wherever your next beach destination is, you can rely on Elife to get the best local transportation for you to spend the most amazing vacation during this summer at the best beaches in the US.

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