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A guide to the best beaches in Mexico

With the marvelous combination of summer coming and the reactivation of most traveling activities, this is the best moment to resume that beach getaway plan you had in mind last year. We worked on this guide to the best beaches in Mexico to awake your wanderlust.
With around seven thousand miles of coastal lines (like the distance between New York and Tokyo) Mexico offers incredible locations where sun, sand and sea combine to create warm, perfect locations for you to spend a fun, relaxing time. Let’s take a look at Mexico’s best coastal states, along with their most famous beachfronts -and a couple of hidden gems.

Baja California

Baja California Sur

Around 770 miles long, the Baja California peninsula (commonly known just as “Baja”) offers otherworldly desert landscapes combined with quiet, sandy beaches.
Flanked by the Pacific Ocean to the west and the Cortes Sea to the east (this one called “the world’s aquarium” by famous oceanographer Jacques Costeau) you can pick between well-developed locations or places with miles of beach just for you, the choice is yours.

Best beaches in Baja California

Rosarito Beach

States of Jalisco and Nayarit

Riviera Nayarit Mexico

These two western states share Puerto Vallarta - Nuevo Vallarta, a popular beach destination among tourists from around North America, along with some nearby magnificent towns and villas. Bathed by the Pacific Ocean waters, the region offer places full of Mexican traditional heritage, beautiful mountain ranges welcoming outdoor enthusiasts, artisan tequila producers, surf paradises and a lively nightlife.
Charter flights connect the region with many major markets in the US and Canada, proving that the Vallarta region is a must Mexican destination you need to visit at least once, you can be sure you will want to come back.

Best beaches in Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta Mexico


Mazunte Oaxaca

An American tourist’s favorite, the state of Oaxaca is a beautiful land of traditions, legends, one of the most renowned local cuisines in Mexico and mezcal, the hippest Mexican spirit. Besides the charm of the state’s capital city and its surrounding towns, Oaxaca has 2 of the most beautiful beach destinations in the country: Huatulco and Puerto Escondido.
Located in the Pacific Ocean coast, both cities offer a unique set of magnificent beachfronts and activities for every taste: adventure, party, ecotourism, surf or simple relaxation, you can be sure Oaxaca’s beaches will thrill you. 65 miles apart from each other, you’ll find many paradises on the road, both known and secret.

Best beaches in Huatulco and Puerto Escondido


How to get to the best beaches in Mexico?

Although some of the locations we talked about are conveniently found near major cities and airports in the country, the best is to hire private transportation, where a local driver can take easily guide you through the Mexican roads.
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