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Discover Puerto Rico:
An off the beaten path guide

You may soon find why Puerto Rico is known as “La isla del Encanto” (the island of enchantment) once you’re there, as you get a glimpse of all the exciting things to do in this unincorporated U.S territory: its natural beauty, exquisite food and lively spirit will captivate your senses. Now, if you want to escape the usual and take less known road on your upcoming trip to Puerto Rico, we have some great tips for you.
Before we start: the best way to get to these Puerto Rican hidden gems is through a well-versed local driver, and our private ride services in San Juan and its surroundings will surely do the work for you. Focus on having a real travel experience while the experts care of the rest. We offer rides to and from the Luis Muñoz Marín International airport in San Juan to any destination in the island.

Visit Piñones

Pinones beach Puerto Rico

Experience the rural Puerto Rico just a few miles away from San Juan. This small and peaceful town east from the island’s capital is famous for its chill Caribbean vibe but also for his phenomenal street food, comfy secluded beaches and its chinchorros, the Puerto Rican version of a pub.
Spend the day noshing with the locals, sunbathing, drinking good and cheap beer and leaving your daily problems behind. Piñones is a half an hour ride from San Juan, so the best way to get there is with a private ride from San Juan to Piñones. With us, you can book that one in advance paying an all-inclusive fare.

Take the Pork Highway

Pork highway Puerto Rico

This one’s for the foodies, and a must for the meat lovers. Hidden in the forest hills of Central Puerto Rico lies a small town called Guavate, near the Carite Forest State Park, about 30 milles south from San Juan. Perhaps driving away from the coastal paradise locations of the island sounds strange at the beginning, but the reward is certainly worth it -and delicious-.
The Pork Highway offers several places to taste lechón -slow roasted swine- along with other local wonders such as morcilla (blood sausage) and amarillos (sweet plantains) that you may chug down with pina coladas while you listen to local musicians playing merengue music. If you’re up to a party in the jungle, you will love this place.

Take a swim at the Charco Azul

Charco Azul

Within the Carite Forest Park, el Charco Azul (Blue Pond) is a natural swimming hole where you can spend a nice time floating in its quit blue waters surrounded by the Carite jungle. A cute small waterfall and different depths to test your swimming skills will make this stop one you don’t want to miss when you’re visiting the area.
A private transfer to el Charco Azul will let you focus on the excitement, forgetting about looking for a parking spot when using ground transportation.

Jog through the Isabela boardwalk

Isabela beach Puerto Rico

Isabela Puerto Rico is a small town located at the west edge of the island is popular among local travelers, but not that much for foreigners. Believe us, you are missing a lot by leaving Isabela out of your Puerto Rico trip schedule.
Known as “The Garden of the Northwest” due to its incredible wildflower's variety, this coastal town offers endless possibilities for the people who love water: Surfing, snorkeling and underground river exploration are among the activities you can practice there -whether you take your own gear or want to rent some there-. The Isabela boardwalk offers a fantastic view of the sea on its 4.5-mile lane that you can cover by jogging or cycling.

As you can see, there’s much more to go visit in Puerto Rico than just its most famous locations. Whether you’re traveling solo or with a crowded party, Elife can help you with any ground transportation need you have, anywhere in the island. Book you ride in advance and get on board with local experienced drivers who will be glad to take you to any of these wonderful sites or any other place you want to, 24 hours a day.

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