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Las Vegas travel guide:
discover the entertainment capital

If you associate Las Vegas only with casinos and slot machines, you are missing most of the fun. During the last years, Las Vegas has slowly become a family destination, with activities for everyone. However, the city keeps its vibe as one of the most famous destinations for gambling.
Conventions, weddings, bachelor parties… it seems there is always happening in the city, and perhaps that’s the reason why it keeps its status as one of the most visited destinations in the United States. The McCarran Las Vegas International airport receives over 51 million passengers every year, making it a top 10 among the busiest airports in the country.
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Some facts about Las Vegas

Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada

Arriving at Las Vegas

McCarran International Airport connects the city with 150 destinations, 127 domestic and 23 internationals, with flights provided by 30 different airlines. That means you won’t have any problem in booking a flight form most cities in North America. If you have some spare change, you can use it in one of the hundreds of slot machines scattered around the airport.

Las Vegas airport arrivals

If you’re up for a road trip, Las Vegas is well connected to most of the major western cities:

You can hire a long-distance ride for you and your party to enjoy the desert views on your way to Vegas. With Elife’s intercity service you can select the vehicle that best suits your needs, no matter how big your travel group is.

Choosing a hotel at Las Vegas

With so many amazing, themed resorts to choose from, the world-famous Las Vegas Strip should be your first alternative to select a place to stay. The Strip is the central section of Las Vegas Boulevard, which runs through the city from north to south, and is considered the epicenter of Las Vegas’ vibe.
Massive casinos and entertainment palaces, as well as performance venues and show centers are within this 2.5-mile-long section of the boulevard, standing between the city of Las Vegas and the neighboring town of Paradise.

Palazzo Las Vegas pool

Here’s a quick list of the best hotels in Las Vegas

What to do in Las Vegas

Circus casino Las Vegas

Have a casino experience

Any Las Vegas trip is not complete without gambling a few (or a lot) bucks in the game you like the most. If you’re not that into gambling, the slot machines represent about 60% of Las Vegas’ game revenues, and it’s a quick, exciting way to test your fortune.
From the luxurious to the small, less crowded ones you will find a casino option that will ease your desire to explore the most famous face of the city.

Best casino in Las Vegas

Explore the surroundings

Although it seems that everything happens in Las Vegas, there’s still much to see outside the city. Explore the Hoover Dam, give yourself a breathtaking helicopter tour above the Grand Canyon, walk the steps of the first Old West explorers and even take a ride to an amazing National Park near Las Vegas.
If you want a break from the city lights, give yourself a chance to discover the natural, wild side of Las Vegas. If you already have your plan decided, you can book a ride with a local driver that will also be your guide through the region’s best kept secrets.

Neon museum Las Vegas

Visit Las Vegas museums

Perhaps Las Vegas would be the last place when thinking about visiting a museum, but you can be sure you’ll be happy to know more about the amazing history of the city, told by the ones who made of Las Vegas what it is now.
The Neon Museum tells us about the city through one of its more recognizable features: its neon lights, while The Mob museum lets us understand how the big crime lords of the 40’s and 50’s envisioned the city and gave the first steps to make of Las Vegas the entertainment capital it is now.

Golden Nugget Las Vegas

Follow the lights at Fremont Street

A one-of-a-kind street experience,Fremont Street is located a few miles north from Las Vegas Strip and has 5 blocks of it covered by a LED lights canopy that offer an extraordinary show of color as you walk through it.
Live music, several shopping and dining options, casinos and even a unique zip line that allows you to see the Fremont Street lights from a closer spot. This experience let us know that you’ll be amazed by this city everywhere you look at.

Las Vegas is now open for everyone, and today is the perfect chance to plan your visit to this marvelous, always-open destination. Elife allows you to book any ride you need in Las Vegas, regardless of the time, date and number of people traveling. Whether you need airport transportation, limo services, group/event transportation and even pet friendly ride, you can be sure you will enjoy the many advantages of booking your ride with Elife.

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