3 cities in New York
you’ll love (no one is NYC)

The first thing that comes to mind when we hear the words “New York” is the Big Apple and its skyscrapers, Central Park, Times Square and delicious hot dogs. However, there’s so much to see and do outside NYC, since New York State is full of wonders.
If you want to avoid long hours of driving without taking any public transport, the best way to reach the state’s hotspots is through a private car service in New York State. You can easily book an intercity ride and a vehicle that meets your needs with Elife, asking any special requests you have free of charge.


This first one is for those who don’t want to leave NYC for long. Located 120 miles east of New York City, Montauk is the easternmost town in Long Island as part of East Hampton, and it’s been the ideal summer haven for many New Yorkers during decades, a charming Atlantic coast town with hiking trails, camping options, delicious seafood and the quiet beauty that’s been the brand of the house.
This laidback destination is calm getaway to enjoy the Hamptons at its best. If you’re planning to visit the town during summer consider the traffic increases, so it’s best to hire a flat rate transport service to Montauk that won’t increase based on the time it’ll take you to get to Montauk.


Cayuga Lake is the largest of the New York’s Finger Lakes, a well-known viticultural area among New Yorker wine enthusiasts. Ithaca is set on the southern edge of this lake and its college vibe will make you stay for as long as possible. Ithaca is 230 miles northwest of New York City in the heart of the State a unique mix of art, wine and fun.
Home of the prestigious Cornell University, you can sense the progressive thinking on every corner of the city (Ithaca is a proud LGBT-friendly destination) while you marvel with the classic architecture, enjoy a good play at the theatre or visit one of its museums. Finish your visit with some good local wine and you’ll seize a unique trip to Ithaca. If you’re traveling with a group, book a private intercity ride to Ithaca and enjoy the journey from the moment you leave the city.


We can’t leave the Capital Region out of this list -yes, New York City is not the capital of New York, go figure- but you can be sure Albany doesn’t lack in beauty and things to do. 150 miles north of NYC, Albany is a historic city where you can see a tiny piece of the 19th century everywhere you look around.
Take a boat tour and see the city from a different view, visit the New York State Museum – the first in the US- and the State Capitol, an architectural wonder that took 32 years to complete, have a beer in any of the local breweries (Lark Street is the nighttime epicenter of the city) or book an axe throwing game.
Albany has a lot of things to do and it’s a great option to visit if you have some days off. Avoid the 2.5-hour drive by yourself and book a private car service to Albany from any location with us.

There’s more to see in New York State that you can imagine. Spend a wonderful time in New York by booking our private transportation options, like limo service and bus rental, designed to fulfill your traveling needs every time you need a chauffeur service in New York.

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