3 Things to do near New York City for the outdoorsy people

It’s not all about skyscrapers and urban landscapes when we talk about visiting New York City. If you’re up to discover the astounding natural beauty of upper New York State, we have 3 great outdoor recreation options for you to change the Manhattan skyline for some country pure air and lots of natural wonders to discover.
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Catskill Mountains

140 miles north of New York City (about a 2.5-hour trip from Manhattan) Catskill Mountains offer a wide range of trekking trails for all kind of hiking enthusiasts. While exploring this mountain range you will find different foliage depending on the season you’re visiting: from an all-green layer during spring and summer, to the beautiful shades of orange in autumns and a splendid white winter coat.

But trekking is just the beginning: cycling, paddling and flyfishing are among the other activities you can do at the Catskills. If you’re looking for a great outdoor experience near NYC, Catskill Mountains are an option you will love.


With its 6.4 million acres, Adirondack Park is the biggest one outside of Alaska in the US. A regular getaway destination for many New Yorkers, Adirondacks offer a complete set of activities for those running away from the city: kayaking in the Finger Lakes region, birdwatching in the Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge, grotto exploring in the Natural Stone Bridge… the list keeps going on and on.

Even though Adirondacks are relatively far from NYC (around 260 miles, meaning a 4.5-hour trip) the time spending on the road worth it. Adirondack Mountains will be a great stop on your trip to New York, one that you won’t forget easily.

1000 Islands

Located where Great Lake Ontario and St. Lawrence River meets, this beautiful archipelago divided in 3 main counties (1000 Islands-Jefferson, Oswego and St. Lawrence) offers a mix of the best from the United States and Canada, a natural paradise where woods and water create one of the most magnificent sites in northeastern for the outdoor lovers.

Whitewater rafting, fishing for some of the best salmon and trout in the country, waterfall hiking and paddling are among the many different options 1000 Islands offer for those looking to experience the wilderness in a unique way. Add its warm and nice locals famous for their hospitality, a long heritage of agriculture, forestry and mining, and some other activities like auto racing and festivals, and that’s it: the recipe for an incredible time in the wild is just 350 miles north from New York City (about 5.5 hours from Manhattan)

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