5 countries to visit if you have been vaccinated

As vaccination steadily advances throughout the USA, countries are starting to open its borders to visitors who can confirm they’re now protected against COVID-19, avoiding quarantine processes.
By the end of spring, many countries will be receiving fully vaccinated tourists, so this is the ideal time to start scheduling your first international trip after a long time.

But where to go? How about one of these 5 countries that are opening its borders to vaccinated visitors:


Beginning March 18, citizens from US and the European Economic Area who can prove they have been vaccinated will be exempt from testing and quarantine processes on their arrival to the country, great news for both visitors and tourism services providers in the country. The Icelandic government continuously updates its travel conditions and restrictions.


This beloved destination for American tourists announced waivers for inoculated visitors on March 25. Effective immediately, any visitor able to prove his vaccination will be allowed to enter the country’s major holiday island by presenting a vaccine certificate. For those who haven’t been vaccinated, quarantine and COVID-19 testing is mandatory, but the government has starting offering ‘yacht quarantines' in order to boost tourism.


The Indian Ocean paradise archipelago is admitting international visitors who have finished their vaccination scheme at least 14 days prior to their arrival. The vaccination confirmation must be presented along with a negative PCR tested made within 72 hours before the arrival. Local government provides important insights for its visitors.


Travelers visiting this European nation after having being vaccinated do not have to quarantine themselves by showing proof of vaccination. The rule had come into effect from January 28. The country is an excellent alternative for people looking for outdoor adventures, being Romania a country full of rocky mountains and rolling hills.


Scheduled for a May 17 reopening to international tourism, the country’s Ministry of Tourism has been working on a complete protocol that considers waivers for full-vaccinated visitors and tests and quarantine requirements for those who aren’t. We’re close to be able to visit this extraordinary country.

Several other countries in Europe and Asia work tirelessly to develop plans that will allow inoculated visitors to enjoy some time abroad, while reactivating a severely damaged tourism industry. We can’t wait to experience the joy of planning a new adeventure in an exciting destination.
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