3 weekend trip ideas in the US

Having a tight schedule for some days off? Weekend getaways are a great idea for those eager to leave the routine, most when we just reached a year of lockdown. A day trip allows you to discover a hidden gem you haven't visit yet, and sicne America has lots of them, we'd like to present you 3 different alternatives that you'd love to discover.

Ouray, CO

Welcome to the Switzerland of America. Located in southwest Colorado Ouray County is surrounded by the spectacular San Juan Mountains and offers different and exciting activies for its visitors. This mountain town, as a National Historic District, offers well-preserved architecture from the 19th century, home to different and innovative shops. The town's easygoing vibe can be perceived through the Uncompahgre river and soak in the town's amazing hot spring pools. With many activities throughout the year, there's no day you'll visit that won't have something exciting going on. Enjoy your stay in Colorado with our Ouray transport services; local and intercity transportation, bus rental, Ouray limo service and special event transport.

Kennebunkport, MA

This picturesque South Maine town has been the vacation choice for the Bush family for years, and for a reason. Beautiful beaches, amazing New England cuisine and beverage and splendid cottages all around Kennebunk Beach; if you're looking for a comfortable and peaceful getaway this should be your choice.
With a calendar full of events during the whole year, you will surely find something of your interest. Local festivals and parades in the summer and amazing Halloween activities such as zombie and scarecrow walks. Think of Kennebunkport whenever you want to have a pleasant time in New England. While in Maine, our transport services can help you moving around: private car services, wheelchair accessible vehicles and pet-friendly rides are available in Kennebunkport for you.

Taos, NM

One of the best places in the country to learn about the greatness of the Native American culture, Taos is a unique mix of mysticism, gorgeous landscapes and adobe architecture. Home of Taos Pueblo, the only living Native American community with UNESCO World Heritage Site status and a National Historic Landmark designation, Taos offers a diverse set of activies that will delight your senses.
Taos bohemian vibe can be percieved everywhere around town. You can have a short tour that will let you experience the creativity that embeds the town since the early 20th century, with the arrival of the first artists to town. Beer and wine tours, organic markets and a buoyant artistic life are waiting for you in this fabulous desert destination.
Our ground transportation services in New Mexico will let you focus on enjoying your stay in this magical town: town car rides, party bus rental, special event transportation and more.

Travel lightly and visit some of America's wonder for a long weekend. You don't want to drive? Book a long-distance ride with Elife and enjoy the view while you get there with an experienced driver. Our transport solutions offer a wide array fo options.

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