How to plan a Limo Party

Of all the places you can think to throw a party, renting a limo is one of the best during this time: you can have a great time with a small group, avoid any crowded places, visit your city’s best locations, all of them while you enjoy yourself in a nice, luxurious and well-equipped limo.
A ride that suits any special occasion, age group and plan, your limo party will sure be unforgettable.

Here are some things you must not leave out when you’re planning one:

Be creative

Since your party will be on wheels, there are many things you can think for your guests to have the best of times. A themed party, a treasure hunt, even souvenirs. Organize a brainstorming session and craft a day nobody will easily forget.

Let the route be part of your party

It is not only about going to the same locations everyone goes. Think of those places where you and your guests had great moments about and visit them, or take them to an exciting, off-the-path site where you can organize a side activity for the party. When thinking about places, your imagination is the limit.

Your limo is your ally

Use every single one of the features your limo can offer, and ask for them in advance to the limo company. How about a small karaoke session? Watch a quick episode of a series everybody loves? Throw a quick dance competition? Think ahead and let your provider what you’re looking for.

Time is everything

Since limos are hourly rented, it is very important to define the schedule with your guests so you can get the most out of the time hired. Definitely the best option is to set a unique pickup location so the party will begin at the same time for everyone.


With both your guests and limo driver. Set the expectations bar for everyone so your plan can run smoothly. If the weather and/or traffic slow down your plan, have a Plan B that will let everyone enjoy the good time together.

Everything’s set, so let’s go! Elife provides global limo rental services, so you can be sure we will have a luxury vehicle ready to ignite your plans! Discover our limo service advantages over regular limo rental companies and start planning.

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