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Get to know of Tokyo

Haneda Airport is one of two international airports serving the Greater Tokyo Area of Japan. It is located about 23 kilometers away from Tokyo. Either if this is your final destination or you are just doing a connection here, you need to know this information about the city.

How to transport in Tokyo ?

For seamless travel between Tokyo's major airports, consider the efficiency and convenience of various transportation options of Haneda Airport transportation we offer. Opt for a smooth Narita to Haneda airport transfer for a stress-free transition between these two significant air hubs. When seeking a direct and prompt ride from Haneda Airport, the convenience of a Haneda airport taxi ensures efficient transportation. Explore shared or private travel options with a reliable Haneda airport shuttle, offering flexibility for your journey. If you're looking for efficient transport from Haneda airport to Tokyo, specialized services cater to your travel needs, ensuring a smooth connection to the vibrant city.

Must see places in Tokyo

2. Senso-ji – some of the best temples in Japan are in Kyoto, but in Tokyo you can find this temple that is also impressive. We recommend you arrive early to avoid crowds.

1. Tokyo Skytree – this is the tallest tower (tower, not building) in the world, topping at 2,080 feet. From the top you get a 360-degree view of the city.

3. Shibuya Crossing – we all know that Tokyo is the most populated city in the world, so Shibuya is the world’s busiest intersection. Many people crossing at the same time in a lot of different directions.

Inside Tokyo

What to eat?

Don’t miss sushi, ramen, Japanese curry, yakitori, tempura and if you want something a little bit fancier, try wagyu beef. The capital of Japan obviously is the best place to taste Japanese food.

Best time to visit

During fall and spring, you can enjoy the nature and during summer you will have a little bit hotter weather. During the whole year the weather is temperate so you can visit anytime.

Ready to book your ride?

We have the most complete fleet that will certainly fit your needs, our fleet includes sedans, SUVs, and limousines, as well as the most qualified drivers. Book your airport transfer Tokyo Haneda in advance and don't waste time waiting in lines.

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