Travel agency car services

Start earning up to 10% commission immediately.

Competitiveness is an everyday word for travel agencies, and integrated platforms have become an industry standard when it comes to deliver over-the-top experiences for its customers. In a world with multiple challenges for travel solutions, off and online travel agencies need complete, innovative and reliable options.
Looking for a car service partner? ELife is a world-class solution in ground transportation services, with a comprehensive and customer-oriented plan that will meet your expectations.

Why choose ELife?

Worldwide coverage

A network of chauffeurs and fleets covering the world’s 1,500 most important airports in 150 countries. Wherever your customers’ destination is, ELife can take them safe and sound.

Complete array of services and vehicles

Whether you’re helping a family booking their transfer or arranging transportation for a bigger group, we have the right vehicle size for your needs: from a sedan to a 55-seat coach tour bus ready for your customers all around the world.

Multilingual service

When it comes to international travel, communication means everything. Most of our chauffeurs speak a second language – some of them even more- improving your client’s experience anywhere.

24/7 Customer care

Regardless of time or place, ELife will be there for you and your customers. A group of multilingual representatives is ready to assist you with any question, change or cancellation, 24 hours a day.

Competitive fares

An ever-growing community of passionate transport providers worldwide allows us a fair revenue model for providers and agencies, while offering our customers different kinds of ride services with prices up to 60% below competitor’s reference prices. By keeping low service fees, we maintain every part of the chain value up and running.

A comprehensive commission plan

We offer a progressive scheme, based on the volume of rides booked every month, allowing agencies to earn up to 10% of each ride.

With ELife you can book 3 different transportation services:

Airport pick up

Select one of the 1,500 of airports covered worldwide, a flight number, a destination –a private address or hotel- and ELife will do the rest. This service offers a free-of-charge 60 minutes waiting period, with no charges for flight-related delays.

Airport drop off

Going back home? ELife provides transport from any place over to a selected airport.

Point to Point Ride

Point to point transportation services: long distance rides, transport service per hour, city tours and activities and more.

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